Mark Jwayad is a writer/director working primarily in TV commercials. After receiving his MFA in Film Directing from Chapman University, Jwayad spent six years working as a session director in commercial casting. During that time he directed almost every actor in Los Angeles; he has spent more time with Dennis Woodruff than Nicolas Cage, and has better stories. While working on a wide range of commercial campaigns alongside some of Hollywood’s most prestigious directors: such as Phil Morrison, Stacy Wall, Mike Mills and Dick Sittig (to namedrop a few), Jwayad established himself as the go-to session director. He has honed his skill to draw specific nuance of performance and character from actors that help set his clients’ work above the rest.

Jwayad’s ability to balance directing skills that nurture the most resonant performances, and his producer skills that wrangle the toughest of budgets and the most challenging of logistics make him a favorite choice for discerning clients. His collaborative nature and consummate professionalism shape great work that transcends the competition.

Jwayad keeps a pet beaver due to the fact that he was born and raised in the great state of Oregon. He lives and works in Los Angeles, next to a food truck, under a palm tree, and just keeps the beaver. The beaver’s name is Tom McCall.